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Dental implants

Dental Implants 101 : easy and clear even for a 5-year old child ( ok maybe a 10-year old one)

Implants have definitely changed the face of dentistry by enabling dentists to restore and replace missing teeth with a reliable and long term solution.
Check our 101 guide on dental implants to understand what they are and how they are used to replace missing tooth… You will find a clear and easy guide that will provide you with the knowledge you need to make the better informed choices in consultation. We tried our best to make it as clear and simple as possible. We hope it will help.

How much do dental implants cost ?

Of course, let’s be clear, implants are pretty expensive due to many factors outlined in our dental implant cost guide tailored to list each element to take into account for the final cost.
As you will see in this overview, the range of prices can be pretty important, it can sometimes be outrageously expensive, that’s why it is important to know what will affect your cost to find ways to get cheaper deals.

Affordable and cheap implants : 10 ways to get them

Yet, even though you think you can’t afford to get this implant treatment, you should take 2 minutes and have a look at our post where we give 10 ways to get cheap dental implants. Yes, you read that right, it is definitely possible to get affordable implants if you know where to start and if you are willing to make some effort…. some call them low cost but we don’t really like this term as it is often associated with bad quality, which is not always the case.

Don’t waste your time

As with most dental treatments, what really must be your top priority is choosing and finding a highly skilled and experienced dental expert that will give you a success rate of up to 95-98%. That’s why we wrote a quick step-by-step guide on how to find the best dentist. We hope it will give you some ideas and hints to find your ideal dental professional.

You don’t want to know but you should

This success rate is pretty impressive, don’t you agree?

With a highly trained implant specialist, there is no doubt your implant journey will be smooth sailing. But you must keep in mind complications can occur, depending on many other factors that we discuss here: Risks and complications. We know some of you might be scared after reading it, but don’t, most issues rarely happens, and if by any chance one of it does, the quicker you consult your dentist, the faster it can be solved… so knowing the possible complications is anything but a waste of time.

Should I be scared about pain?

If you are like us, then you probably wonder how painful dental implants can be. Yep, we heard this question a thousand times. Check our dedicated page on implant pain. It is not as painful as it looks like. (But ok, It can look scary, let’s be honest)

No bone, no implants : foundation is the key

We told you implants are the most sought after dental treatment today. But to be a good candidate, you need a good foundation. What does it mean? We mean your jawbone. You must have enough bone material to get them. But even for those who don’t, modern dentistry has a solution: dental bone grafting. Millions of people suffering from bone loss can benefit from this procedure that is often a prerequisite before implants can be placed. It is like getting the ideal foundation before “building” your new teeth.