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Your beauty guide with clear information

couple of beautysetters

Who are we?

Each member of our editorial team has some experience regarding dental or plastic surgery. Whether a simple or a revision nose job, an eyelid surgery, a breast augmentation or a liposuction, we know the kind of journey you are about to begin. But most importantly, some of us also had to deal with some issues that could have been avoided if proper information or research had been undertaken. Anyway, thanks to some other patients’ advice and really helpful plastic surgeons’ help, those issues were solved or will be very soon…

So because we truly believe in the cycle of give and take, we definitely felt it was our turn to contribute and help people avoid making the same mistakes as some of us did

Beautysetters sets their own beauty, they do believe they are their own judges.

Our mission?

Our mission is to help you reach your own ideal of beauty by being your one stop independent information source regarding cosmetic, dental and plastic surgery. We will do our best to guide you and help you make your journey as worry free and successful as possible.

We have been there; we know it can be pretty stressful. But remember you are not alone.If you were to remember only one message from us, then it would be to keep in mind that the only thing that will truly help you in your beauty quest is: KNOWLEDGE.

Our motto here is: be prepared. Don’t ever take any hasty decisions without weighing the pros and cons of each cosmetic technique. We know it can sound pretty generic but trust our experience: the more you know about a given procedure, the better you can decide if it suits your needs. It is your own face and body, not to mention your health. (I guess you know by now, we are not gamblers haha)

What to find on this website?

At beautysetter, we provide clear, up to date, helpful information on the available techniques to improve your beauty whether from cosmetics to dental care and plastic surgery. In a nutshell, anything that can improve your beauty.

We have started with some information about dental implants which can definitely help you get back a beautiful confident smile. ( additional content will be added regularly)

Let’s also be clear, we absolutley think plastic surgery is a great way to enhance our looks, but it is not always the best route for your case. So for those who need a lighter option, there usually are many other alternatives to choose from. We will talk about them as well.

If you expect us to focus only on the pros on each procedure without warning you about the possible risks, you are seriously mistaken, we will stick to our values and keep giving your all the information you need for you to make the best decision for your own situation. And for the legal stuff: Information provided here is not intended to serve as medical advice, but for educational or informational purposes only. (which you certainly know of course)

Beautysetter is your source of beauty